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Huge Success
Brings Lower Prices!

7/10/1910/3/17 Newsletter

Juvenile Justice Online's Success Generates Price Reduction!

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Juvenile Justice Online is now servicing more than 4,000 LEO’s, SRO’s, Judicial Officials, and School Administrators nationwide!  This tremendous growth has allowed for a price reduction for parent licenses from $150.00 per diversion to only $65.00 per diversion helping this groundbreaking program reach even more communities.  Thank you all for your continued support and for providing your community with the tools needed to place children back on the right path using education and restorative justice in place of tickets, suspension or expulsion!  

SRO's, are you wondering what should be in your internet safety presentations?

Don't reinvent the wheel. 
Let us do it for you!

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  How can you:

  • stop cyber incidents if you can't get through to the parents? 

  • train your staff to handle the never ending social media incidents?

  • keep your students from making poor choices?


Cyber Safe Schools can reduce Social Media incidents at your school!

Low Price. 

Simple implementation. 

Incredible results.

Includes 1 year 24/7 access to:

  • SRO and Administration Training

  • Powerful Student Training you can play in your classes or assign as homework with Supporting Quizzes and Answer Keys

  • Parent Training in both English and Spanish

Visit and find out how the Cyber Safe School Program is revolutionising proactive technology safety education.

Don't wait and respond... Educate and prevent!

Start today and transform your school!

Parent video training dashboard
Cyber Parenting 101 Video Series on Vime
Samples from the Student, Parent & Faculty Video Series


Identifying and Intercepting School Violence Through Cyber Investigations

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An invaluable training that every Law Enforcement and School Officials needs to obtain the proper information when responding to threats of school violence online. This program Co-Sponsored by the National Exchange Club provides detailed protocols when there is “Leakage” and the posting individual is targeting students and school personnel.   


Stopping School Violence BEFORE it happens is something all of us want.  75% of the school shooters posted on social media before they acted. This class will show you what to do when the posting is made and what to do when it is brought to your attention.


Just this year alone, SRO's who have taken this class have prevented violent acts in their schools before they happened.


Here is what SROS all over the country are saying about this class:

"This class was awesome!  I brought all our detectives into the office to watch participate in the course. This was an extremely helpful, hands-on approach, and was immediately usable in the field. Powerful.  Thank you so much!"


"Game changing Information, I hope that all School Resource Officers are taking this training."


"Finally someone who is showing us how to be ahead of the curve!  We all need to learn these proactive tactics!"

When serious threats arise every minute counts, give your staff the training and tools they need to quickly respond and apprehend the offender.


Visit us at NASRO!  Booth #504

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Visit us at booth #504 and Learn about all the powerful ways Be Sure Consulting, Juvenile Justice Online, and Cyber Safe Schools can transform your community!

Do not miss our breakout:
Identifying and Intercepting School Violence Through "Leakage" is tentatively scheduled for
Wednesday July 6th 8:00 AM to 11:15 AM
(check for final date/time changes at the conference). 

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Are You Still Writing Tickets For Vaping?

The Vaping Epidemic has Overtaken Schools and communities nation wide.
What tools do you have to combat this new dangerous addiction?

Juvenile Justice Online is addressing this issue head on with a powerful new Vaping Diversion, Dangers of Vaping Educational Video and Vaping focused testing.  Implement JJO today and utilize this incredible new diversion to address Vaping through expertly designed education, remediation and consequence.

Are you ready to investigate Oculus VR cases?

Oculus ppt size.jpg

Fort Pierce man arrested in first-known kidnapping case involving Oculus technology


Experts warn parents to be aware of chat, messaging features.  Does your staff understand these new dangers?  Do they know how to investigate these crimes?  Contact us today to stay in front of these new technology trends and keep your community safe!

Do you need Cyber Training for your Conference Breakout?

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Contact Be Sure Training for all of your Law Enforcement and School Technology Training and Conference Needs.

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