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7/10/1910/3/17 Newsletter

Tired of parents not showing up to your internet safety presentations?  


How can you stop cyber incidents if you can't get through to the parents?


We can help you reduce Social Media incidents at your school!

Educate and empower your Students, Parents and Faculty with a streaming video subscription they can watch anytime, anywhere on their phones, tablets or computer.  Award Winning Trainer, TEDx Speaker and Child Cyber Crimes Expert Det. Richard Wistocki (Ret.) unmasks the hidden dangers your students interact with everyday. With almost 6 hours of content across all 3 series divided into short 5 to 15 min videos this video series goes beyond providing insight and education it provides tools and resources to reduce cyber-bullying and social network incidents that will dramatically transform your school.  With an affordable school subscription your Students, Staff and Parents have access to proven information to respond to any situation when they need it most - nights, weekends, and even summer break.  This educational series sets a new standard, breaking down the technological walls that today’s children live behind.  Download the informational sheet or visit the website by clicking the button below.

Start today and transform your school!

Cyber Parenting 101 Video Series on Vime
Samples from the Student, Parent & Faculty Video Series

Video Series covers these topics and more:

  • Basic Technology Rules

  • The Technology Talk

  • Cyber-Bullying

  • Having Vaults and Fake Accounts

  • Cyber Investigations and Internet Laws

  • Teen Dating and Online Relationships

  • Sextortion

  • Making a Police Report

  • Gaming Online

  • My Child’s Cell Phone and Drug Use

  • Asking My Son/Daughter to Take A Drug Test

  • NEW! The Dangers of Vaping Video

Juvenile Justice Online Makes Diversions Easier Than Ever Before

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JJO Agencies and JJO Agents no longer need individual codes per diversion.  Each School Law or Enforcement Agency has their own master licence and can now generate diversions on their own!  This streamlines the diversion process and allows each agency to respond quickly without requesting additional codes.

In addition, JJO is now serving Guardian Ad Litems for both Juvenile diversions and Parent training.

Juvenile Justice Online NEW Videos! 

Juvenile Justice Online has added new videos

  • Monitoring your Child's Technology

  • Drug abuse presentation "How do I Know"

  • Parent video "The Dangers of Vaping"

  • Student video "The Dangers of Vaping"

  • And for parents of children going through the diversion process a Parent Instructional Series dedicated to understanding their child's use of technology and proactive measures they can take to positively impact their child's future. 

Are You Still Writing Tickets For Vaping?

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Powerful Parent Certificate Training Program Cyberparenting-101

Now Available

Cyberparenting-101 is a ground-breaking and empowering course designed to educate parents raising children surrounded by technology.  This course is offered to concerned parents, parents going through a divorce, or foster parents.  It can be instituted by family court in separation cases or presented as a powerful training tool for foster parents ensuring they are provided the necessary guidance to protect the children in their care.  Join us and receive the training to guide and protect children from making dangerous choices on their devices.

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NEW! Child Safety News Story

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"Safer Internet Day – tips from cyber child crime expert Detective Richard Wistocki"

News on Child Safety and using Bark software to monitor remotely.  Click the image above to view the story.

Do you need Cyber Training for your Conference Breakout?

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Contact Be Sure Training for all of your Law Enforcement and School Technology Training and Conference Needs.