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Stopping the gateway to poor choices
Juvenile Justice Online is Combating Truancy Through Technology

Truancy is on the rise according to school administrators and Juvenile Justice Authorities.  As Juvenile Justice Online continues to grow we have brought Truancy to the top of our diversion development list. We sent our staff on a deep seeded quest to discover what student behavior and reasoning motivates truancy.  Focusing on the primary factors that fuel truancy and empowering truancy officers, parents, SRO’s and Deans with the technology necessary to curtail the truancy epidemic we have developed a truly introspective program. This program helps students understand the underlying factors contributing to their truancy, and the resulting dangers truancy exposes them to.  It is essential that students understand WHY they are truant and what resources are available to support them, overcoming their personal challenges ensuring future attendance and educational success.  We are excited to offer our agents a powerful tool to combat one of the greatest challenges in juvenile reform.

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